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Frequently Asked Questions

Why videos are not showing in some of latest version of web browsers on Mac and Windows?

Certain web codes in this website for video player, including caption files no longer work with latest versions of web browsers for Mac and Windows.   The temporary workaround is to use alternative as listed below to watch videos from this Video Library site.

For Mac user:  Google Chrome for Mac.   (Safari and Firefox are not supported.)

For Windows user:  Firefox and/or Google Chrome for Windows.   (Safari for Windows and IE are not supported.)

 (We are currently investigating a solution for this kind of issue.)

Captions issues - no captions, garbled, etc.

Not all of videos are captioned.  Some videos have garbled captions.  Some captions are not in sync.  We are working on this, (identifying resources and then create and fix captions).

Why is my iPhone not showing captions?

Apple's design for iPhone enforces all web videos to playback in its properiatry video player, (transferring video from mobile browser to its properiatry video player).  We're working on this part.

iPad allows mobile browsers to stay in place and use HTML5 video player.

What is the new web video player?

This site now uses HTML5 video player.  This will play videos in modern web browsers for all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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