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Deaf Video #56 Festival of American Folklife Interrogation sur la Comunication Totale

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Max Rasquinet, (Belgiue). Sabine Zerdoum (France). Sylvie de Kerrilis (Suisse). Yerker Andersson (Sociologue). M. Garreston (Special Assistant to President). Carole Garreston (Communication Arts). M. Garreston and Carole shares about how ASL developed in America from Laurent Clerc bringing Langue Signe Francais from France, and from influences of few other countries to different locations in America. Everyone shares their experience on how their parents reacted when finding out that they were deaf, how they tried to cure, and how they communicated. Everyone shares how they helped deaf children learn how to communicate by using ASL when they did not have any prior knowledge of how to read, write, talk orally, or sign. Discusses about positive and negative sides of having bilingualism in family.

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