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1989 The Deaf Way One "Community"

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1989 The Deaf Way One
July 14, 1989
Deaf Mosaic’s special broadcast on the Deaf Way community with Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky as its hosts. An interview Chuck Baird about his work on the mural with a style of De’Via manifesto, entitled “We, the Deaf People.” Scenes of different deaf artists and their work. An interview with Sandi Inches about her work with Batik art. Dr. Robert Davila introduces a speaker, Serena Corazza and she shared her research on Italian Sign Language. Sam Supalla gives a presentation on equality in educational opportunities. A French deaf scholar shares his research on hearing and deaf babies’ early access to their language. Brief scenes of World Federation of the Deaf event at Finland in 1987, and World Games of the Deaf at New Zealand in 1989. A section on Aids Quilt, Tom Kane started up a “Deaf Names Project” for the deaf people to make an AIDS quilts. Video clip of Sam Edwards talking about his experience being HIV positive. “Tales From a Club Room.”

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