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Deaf Way II: Performing Arts Deaf Skits

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Deaf Way II: Performing Arts
Deaf Skits
July 2002.
Two Gods created the water, land, plants, stars, and animals. The two kings noticed that there was something missing, there needed to be love on earth. They decided to create a man with likeness to them. The man was happy with the plants and animals, but he eventually noticed that he was alone. The Gods decided to create a woman to keep the man company. The devil came to tempt the woman to take the apple from a tree which they were warned not to do so, and she took a bite from the apple which caused her to sin. In turn, she convinced the man to take a bite from the apple as well. The act of disobedience that the both of them had done, caused the Gods to turn their backs on them. The devil won and shackled them up in chains.

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