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NAD Convention in Buffalo NY

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NAD Convention in Buffalo NY. Glimpses of the 16th triennial convention by the N.A.D. in Buffalo, New York. August 4-9, 1930. Introductory remarks is done by Marcus L. Kenner. Samuel Frankenheim, chairman of Statue committee, makes an apology about his inability to attend. Dedication of the memorial to Abbe Charles Michael De L Eppe that made by E. Elmer Hannan, erected by N.A.D. in 1930. President of N.A.D., Arthur L. Roberts, makes a brief and welcoming statement. Benediction by Rabbi A. Felix Nash of NY. Mrs. Johanna H. McCluskey sings a song Home Sweet Home. Scenes of Gallaudet home for the deaf and elderly. All Souls and St. Anns church congregation sings a hymn. Edwin Allan Hodgson talks about many deaf people attending for a visit. Rev. Braddock briefly explains about history of Gallaudet Home, founded by Thomas Gallaudet. N.A.D. president Anthony C. Reiff (1932) talks about the costume carnival event. Bus ride to Rye Beach in July 1932.

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