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Gallaudet Video Presents The Preservation of Sign Language August 24, 1913

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Gallaudet Video Presents
The Preservation of Sign Language. George W. Veditz.shares a few words about the importance of preserving Sign Language. George mentioned that deaf people must be hard-hearted to those teachers who think they know everything but they do not understand what the mind, spirit, desire, and needs of a deaf person are. Deaf people from France, Germany, England, and Italy looks to us deaf Americans to help free their chains in mind, body, spirit, and ability to use sign language in their schools. Like the false prophet, Alexander G. Bell, says that oral method is better in educating the deaf but deaf people in other countries knows better of the importance in sign language within schools. National Association for the Deaf created a budget to make videos to preserve sign language for future generations to help fend off the enemies like him who wants to eradicate sign language.
August 24, 1913

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