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International Games for the Deaf

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International Games for the Deaf event at Milan, Italy in the year of 1957. Germany, the winner during the year of 1953 leads the opening ceremony with a parade of flags. Scenes of different basketball teams’ competition, and soccer. Distribution of medals, and showing of CISS flag being down. 1,200 out of 4,500 went to the Milan Banquet, and then to the Milan Club for drinks afterwards. Iran, Italy, and Poland compete by wrestling and Italy wins. Pope Pius XII says a blessing over a 1,000 deaf people. Meeting of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) at Rome, Italy. Senor Velich
visits from Mexico at the WFD center. Brief view of the Fontana Di Trevi, which is the largest and most famous fountain in Rome, and the Roman Coliseum. Introduction of Mario D’Agata and his bride, Mario is the deaf boxer champion. Scene showing the love balcony of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in Verona, Italy. World’s first dental school for the deaf in Italy.
barcode: 0000333
tape location: George Veditz Vault 1V5.2
video archivist Gary Brooks

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