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Some Activities of the Deaf

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Some Activities of the Deaf. A message to the deaf people of America, presented by the president Tom L. Anderson of N.A.D. Tom Anderson begins with how the first president of N.A.D in the year of 1880 came from Iowa was elected, that the number 88 must be a lucky number as he is the 88th president and from Iowa as well. Pleads with the Deaf people to join N.A.D. as a member to be a “soldier” preparing for the war for the Deaf, that all needs to unite to see the desired change to happen. President Tom Anderson also tells an anecdote that he is well known for sharing. Scene of N.A.D. donating a clubmobile to the Red Cross for the World War II from the victory fund compiled by the Deaf people of America. Showing of the Red Cross volunteers with soldiers.

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