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DPN 1988 vol. 27 - Mary Lou Speech - Ole Jim March 10, 1988

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DPN 1988 vol. 27 - Mary Lou Speech - Ole Jim
March 10, 1988
Mary Lou Novitsky talks about what have been occurring during the four days of protest on campus of Gallaudet University. Mary Lou mentioned that Dr. Elisabeth Zinser and Jane Spilman have shown no respect for the Gallaudet students and the deaf community in disregarding what they have to say. Mary Lou divulged that when the DC police planned to arrest the Gallaudet students, they were prepared to protect themselves from AIDS that potentially could be transferred through touch. Mary Lou said she should educate the DC police by showing them one of Deaf Mosaicís episode on AIDS, on how you can actually get infected and not through a simple touch. Mary Lou shared Jesse Jacksonís statement on how no one would be able to truly understand deaf peopleís needs except for deaf people themselves. Larry Berke explains the responsibilities of the data center, and scenes of different centers of operation for the DPN movement.

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