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DPN 1988 -Documentary interview with Tim Rarus 1 of 2

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DPN 1988 - Documentary interview with Tim Rarus 1 of 2

As how Tim Rarus remembers the Deaf President Now movement at Gallaudet University, he felt like it all went so fast. Deaf people all came to look at the board trustees, and all of them had no trust in the them. Jane Spilman said that the time has not yet come for a deaf person to function in the hearing world, inflamed the Gallaudet students to begin their protest by taking over the campus. Tim Rarus told of the struggles the Gallaudet students have had with the board of trustees which eventually got the staff, faculty, Gallaudet students, and deaf community to go on a walk of protest towards to the Capitol Hill. Tim says eventually many people will know that deaf people can do many things without any doubt.

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